You can either talk to her, try to come to terms and reach a truce. It’ll take a couple of hours moving around the terrace yelling, lamenting, and apologizing on phone that is drenched in an awful amount of sweat. You’ll probably be a lot worked up to sit and read through the mathematics of Microwave Engineering with only a few hours left for a test that you haven’t studied for at all. A test in which you’d fail yourself if you were grading it. In case, you end up sleeping. You’ll not be awake before 3 because you haven’t slept for so long.

I’d snort a line of coke to keep myself awake and working at this moment.

OR, you can prioritize your issues according to deadlines and continue to read through all kind of drab literature that you have access to and try your level best to avoid this close encounter to death. A back in an even semester will imply you’re grounded for the next summer. At this point, you may decide drop your interpersonal relationship troubles on the to-do list of tomorrow. You’re walking on thin line, as you realize the complexity of the problems you leave for tomorrow are increasingly exponentially.

What would you do?