Been a while I talked about us. We’ve been a happy bunch at each of our separate places. A little disconnected and alienation in the air. The silences now breath of uncertainty and more often reeking of the failure from my end.
My Phone operator further makes the matter worse but making sure we can’t hear each other properly for more than a minute. There is really not much to be said here. Not much to be said because of the sheer lack of time and synchronicity between us.

It is the point when the concepts that are much lauded by the masses today fade into something very much less tangible. From my vantage point, I do not see much of a progress being made in the emotional bond that we share. Not that it is a bad thing. Maybe it has reached saturation. Yet all this between us seems to be growing into a form of life. I adore her just as much, probably more now that she is making tremendous efforts into things she wanted to excel in. Her determination and the spirit of exploration never fails to cheer me up.
Often I feel bad about not taking first steps towards betterment. A gift certainly will do much good.

I talked to her just a few minutes ago and she was very much concerned about what all goes into her college’s confession pages. The behaviour on such facebook pages is not very surprising if you take note of the set of people who are most likely to post to such pages and the general theme of the posts entertained by the targetted audience of such media. Add teenage angst, the entire hysteria of college experience, magnified sexuality on campus, and the general thought process that pervades through the society to the mix for clarity.
A lot of her concerns are way too obvious. I get it that objectification is bad. It should be stopped and you did your part by letting everyone know it. I know that you would love to hear people compliment someone on the things that they weren’t born with. Yet, it goes both ways. You’d see a bunch of guys bitching about how money and girls and that very often turns into an awfully winded conversation about how girls are always behind the money. There have been and will always be people who do not want to follow the standard procedures and put fair play into practice. There is a world outside your campus that is much fun to explore as well, with all kinds of people stuck at their places who do not think at all like each other.
We do not exist in vacuum. It is hard to let go of the prejudices that many of us are born into. So much that we are rarely conscious that how sexist it is think of women as women and not half of the human population. Its just one chromosome, and that really does not make all that difference that many out there in their head think it does.