I do not expect all my advices will be considered, even fewer to be actually realized. Yet it is blatantly rude and annoying to be asking for it when you have been repeatedly ignored them or just loose interest in topic in the middle of the conversation. I do not claim to be anyway better off than you are, infact you know the realities better. Neither do I claim to know everything, that’ll be a silly thing to even assume.

Do not expect me to fix your problems, I know you do not. I can not.
Infact, from now on I am going to be stop taking things seriously thinking you need help and just shut the fuck up.
I cannot help it when you want to do *something* without making an effort. You think it is too boring to actually do things all by your own but do not consider the fact that being an average teenager that you are it is so fucking easy to find peers just like you, even better when you do not have any esoteric interests. Fretting all month that you have to do something won’t get anything done, it hasn’t ever.
You tell me you are learning guitar, but it gets too lonely.
Join the music club in the city, all youngsters come together every week at this hippie destination that serves some food and drinks to jam. Ofcourse, you cannot go there without making an effort by yourself to try and learn guitar.
But then you jump on some other reason why your life sucks without even responding to the idea and then ask the same thing again next week hoping I’ll be responsive.
I even know it is not all true and you hear me perhaps even better than me and it gets boring to hear so much but I had to write this to vent out my frustration. It is one of those things I had to part with. I do not have a problem, it won’t be fair to think that life or relationship owes us happiness(it does maybe but you know, every wants to be happy yet it won’t be called happiness if you’re that way all the time)
It is now a few hours since I had this conversation, I am not sure what caused the annoyance.
I miss you.