“Why do I fall in love with every girl who gives me the least bit of attention?”


Love is such a cliched thing to talk about, the conglomeration of mushy feelings and chemical X. Although we must and for that I’ll begin talking about the person I met today. She was such a grace for the time we were talking. Her smile appearing as a new semi-transparent layer in the background so often now. Still, pursuing the issue further it seems to have a rather fuzzy or perhaps even blunt end. There is no mystery about who she is, where she came from, about her opinions. The wonderful person she appeared to be, awing us all with her effortlessness, I sit here now trying and hoping to be a better person. It is the process of meeting new people that is so liberating and makes you live more in the world, explore it a little more. There’s your love waiting for you around the corner. Be nice, be informed, get better. There, I’m smiling like an idiot again.