We live 500 km apart. It will be rare to find a day in week when we won’t talk, about the world, slices from our life, people and events, though, lately it had been the emotional custard of sentences drawn from Archies cards that the cell phones towers had to transmit.


So, this day, I got the call from her just as I had survived another dinner at Hostel. Regular call, everyday thing. She took a sabbatical to study a bit more than how much she already had in High School, now she spends her average day between the half-day long sleeps and day-long classes. I ask her that she should send me a few problems from each of the three subjects every week as in a Problems of the Week thing.

That perhaps triggered the clusterfuck switch somewhere. “Didn’t I used to send you questions?” she retorted. As a matter of fact, she did. About some 4-5 months ago hoping I could help her on some questions she would be stuck at, atleast that was what I made out of them. The obvious intent of replying correctly as soon as possible left me with the obvious use of Wolfram|Alpha or any other kind of assistance internet can speed up things bypassing the factor that can slow things down, I trying to understand the material first. The frequency of her questions dropped slowly after  I couldn’t either do a few of them or reply in certain time.

Back to the phone call, she further went trying to convince me to study for AIEEE. I was puzzled by what was happening already. One obviously won’t ask someone else for questions,

  1. Without reading the text first.
  2. Without doing a few problems himself.

In India, whenever you’re doing either of those two things, you’re studying. The act of asking for questions from someone close to you whom you’ll think you won’t be liable to is either

  1. doing it for fun.
  2. thinks he has to catch up on a lot of things

Since, I will be spending time with these problems for whole one week. I can read up the text from the questions which are new to me. And even be okay about some problems at the end of the week which I couldn’t do. Predominantly though, it was about spending time with some interesting problems.


What followed on the phone call was an pseudo-intense exchange of empty statements at each other back-and-forth. Telling me I might get into <insert college name here> this time and ultimately telling me she doesn’t have time.